Call of EUSS Alhazred

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Call of Cthulhu is het baanbrekende horror-spel gebaseerd op het werk en de bespiegelingen van horror-grootmeester H.P. Lovecraft, waarin 'de werkelijkheid achter de werkelijkheid' complexer en angstaanjagender is dan de mensheid ooit kan bevatten, en het gezonde verstand slechts één van de zaken is, dat een karakter kan verliezen. De avonturen hebben meestal de vorm van een reeks an onderzoeken van vreemde verschijnselen, en vinden veelal plaats in de 'Roaring Twenties' van de vorige eeuw.

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Call of EUSS Alhazred

Postby nyarlathotep » Tue May 27, 2008 7:37 pm

The years is 2556, and the Federation has been torn apart by a resurgence of old earthly conflicts & interstellar riots by the Maquis. That which had become whole broke, and what was once a marvel has become common. Humanity couldn't last in its pacified state, evolution of new techniques was halted, with a brief interludium thanks to the return of the USS Voyager which was litteraly overflowing with alien technology and even a captured drone.
On Earth the conflict evolved around the dying resources, in space it was the everlasting call of personal freedom.

The Americas combined their power, Europe was a loose-but rich- bundle of semi-independant states, OPEC took over Africa and China had conquered the whole of Asia.

Nobody dares to speak about the Southern Doom, a wasteland filled with mutants, pirates and unspeakable horrors...

Choose your race, your starship designation and away-team role. (captain & first mate are out of order)

But most of all, prepare to freak out where no Swampie has gone before...

Coming to a CoC-session near you in October 2008
We're old enough to know better - SWAMP O-uwe Z-akken

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Re: Call of EUSS Alhazred

Postby Smoking Wizard » Wed May 28, 2008 12:56 pm

Want, want, Waaaaannnnnttttt

uhm, I mean, sign me up

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