Ankh Morpork City emblem

Alle informatie omtrent het schachtenspel en de doop in 2004-2005, binenkort hier op je scherm :)

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Ankh Morpork City emblem

Postby Lander (KB) » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:14 pm

Ankh Morpork is actually two cities grown into a larger one, divided by the Ankh river. (Morpork is a type of owl). The City emblem consists of a shield with the river dividing it in half. There is a field of cabbages in the upper left quadrant, representing the farmers. Money bags in the top right and bottom left to represent the merchants, and a solid black field in the bottom left to represent the assassins guild. Across a Morpork owl is a banner with the city motto:

- Pure In Heart And In Water.

The Ankh is placed over the watch tower, and the Owl clasps a second banner with the letters AMCW (Ankh Morpork City Watch). The City Watch motto is inscribed around the outer shield:


- Make My Day, Punk.

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